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Philippines dawn

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Caramoan country

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Little Ted’s Big Adventure with Cameraman Andrew McClymont

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Little Ted and friends

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News from Far North Queensland.

January 2017 Update

My first shoot of the new year was “The War on Waste”, presented by Craig Reucassel with series producer Sandra Welkerling and cameraman Ben Herbertson. The 4 part series is based on the UK version which is produced by KEO films and presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of “River Cottage” fame. it certainly made me think about about consumtion and waste, a real eye opener. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished series.

A highlight of 2016 was recording sound on the dramatic recreations for Blue Water Empirea three part dramatised documentary series on the unique culture and incredible history of the Torres Strait Islands. Check out this small gallery from behind the scenes.

March 2016 Update

The last 12 months have been busy, taking me to locations in  Cambodia and around Australia. I’ve also found time to build a new home in Kuranda which is 30 minutes from Cairns on the edge of the Atherton Tablelands. 

My next production will keep me busy from the end of March to early July, recording sound on the next two seasons of the CBS reality TV show Survivor

August 2015 Update

new frequencies have been allocated in the broadcast spectrum requiring re tuning of my radio mic systems. I now have a kit of radio mics and camera links which is workable around Australia. For anyone interested in the restacking of digital TV frequencies this spreadsheet is a useful tool.

Digital TV Frequencies Australia

My Canon 5D Mk lll kit has expanded to include an Alphatron EVF and Manfrotto Sympla shoulder rig. I'm often asked to produce commercials and advertorials for use on the internet. The 5D Mk3 is the perfect choice as it can also be used as a second camera on any production. The kit includes 3 f2.8 lenses, 16 - 35mm, 24 - 70mm and 70 - 200mm IS. 2X extender and f4 24 - 105mm lens. plus many accessories.

A new addition to my audio kit is a Sound Devices 633T recorder. The 633 is perfectly suited to on the fly documentary sound recording. The 633 writes data to both CF and SD cards.

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